Best Consumer Loans in Norway 2018 – Loans Without Security


 Get up to 16 non-binding loan offers for consumer loans without collateral in Norway. Choose it with the best terms as the lowest interest rate and the desired loan amount. New car, warm vacation, or redecorating kitchen? Loan money for whatever you want without setting your own assets as collateral for the loan.

Loans from NOK 5,000 to as many as $ 500,000 with the loan broker we believe are best in the class: Loan Butler. Loan Butler collaborates with a total of 16 Norwegian banks and loan providers and can help you completely free of charge by obtaining non-binding loan offers. As consumer loans in Norway offer individual interest rates to each applicant based on the desired loan amount and the applicant’s financial situation and security, a loan provider is the easiest way to obtain comparable actual loan offers.

We choose to name Loan Butler for the best consumer loan because they are the player who sends your application to the most banks and therefore is most likely to obtain the best individual offer for you!

Interest rate example: Effective interest rate: 16.6% at SEK 65,000 / 5 years, Establishment fee: SEK 950, Total: SEK 93,730.

Applicant Requirements:

  • Filled 18 years
  • At least 120,000 in annual income, social security or pension
  • No registered payment remarks or debt collection cases
  • Be similar / taxed to Norway for over 3 years

Best small loan and micro loan in Norway

Best small loan and micro loan in Norway

If you only need NOK 1000 or more – up to NOK 10000, there are a couple of loan providers that you should consider. Read more about small consumer loans here .

Best loan for refinancing debt

Best loan for refinancing debt

If you want to collect expensive small loans, credit cards or postponements, you can compare several good options here .

Tips – Don’t Loan More Than You Need!


Remember that even the best consumer loans cost a lot of money, so take a sober assessment of how much you actually need before applying. It can be easy to be tempted to borrow a little more than you need, but this can make it take longer to pay off and become debt free again. Make a sober choice whether you actually need to borrow, or whether to save money, or postpone buying can be alternatives to a non-collateral consumer loan.

About our selection of best consumer loans


All consumer loans and loan intermediaries that are considered in this test are listed here . They are all sponsored by Lån & Kreditt receiving payment for new customers via this website and this test, without it costing you as a loan customer, or in any other way going unfavorably beyond any other loan terms.


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