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To some extent, today there is a reason to gloat in the good sense of this expression, since according to the forecast of the analytical department of VTB 24, the dollar is soon waiting for a rapid “leap to the bottom” and its course will greatly weaken. This is not the machinations of the Islamists and the sabotage of Russia, just the US monetary policy itself will be to blame.

When it is concrete, analysts cannot say for sure, but until mid-April this is for sure. The world expects a massive collapse of the US currency. The main argument of experts: The US Federal Reserve Fund has recently been actively attracting new debts, which supported the dollar at high quotes. Nonetheless, the state of affairs in the financial-forming industry of the United States will be held together at the seams, which in turn gives a bright signal to everyone that the time has come for the inevitable fall of the US currency.


Over the past year, the US Treasury has increased its national debt by a trillion dollars. This raised money went to finance the budget deficit, and partly simply from the Treasury money in the Fed’s accounts. There they have already saved up 300 billion dollars. Question: Why should they accumulate such a volume of reserves? At some point, the dollar will still have to be devalued, that is, the Federal Reserve System will have to admit that they cannot raise rates at the predicted rates. The US industry for the last 14 months shows a decline of 11% of the gross product. The direct consequence of the fact that the dollar is at its highs against the euro over the past year. Therefore, from here the dollar is the only way to fall.

According to the analyst, before falling, the dollar may still grow for a while, but not for a long time, a couple of weeks. True, the experts clarify that we are not talking about the currency market of Russia, and the dollar / ruble exchange rate is unpredictable, but in relation to the euro, it can even subside.

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